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Brad Zupp

Students discover the importance of math by learning personal finance with this entertaining and engaging performance! FUNance features circus skills, magic, and comedy. Brad keeps students laughing as they learn about needs and wants, where money comes from (and goes), budgeting, saving money, and more!



Students discover the importance of math by learning personal finance. Featuring circus skills, magic, and comedy, FUNance keeps students laughing as they learn about needs and wants, where money comes from (and goes), budgeting, saving money, and more. Brad Zupp’s years of experience as a financial planner and a world-renowned performer make this a must-have assembly that entertains as it educates.

Single Performance:  $1000
Two Performances: $1300

The Feats of Memory

Students Will Learn:

  • The 3 "must-do" steps to remember more of what they see, read and hear
  • The keys to improve recall
  • Why we forget and how to remember better, making test taking and classroom participation easier and less stressful
  • Tools and techniques to solve the most common memory problems
  • How to make any school subject easier and more fun
  • How to organize information in their minds for stress-free recall
  • How to work with their minds instead of against them
  • How homework and review scientifically improve memory


  • Amazing feats of memory, including taking only seconds to memorize a student-provided random number and recalling the names of dozens of students
  • Circus skills like balancing and juggling, all of which relate to the discussion at hand and make the show memorable and fun
  • Comedy (Brad's years as an entertainer keep everyone smiling throughout the show)

“I have been teaching for 15 years and can honestly say that after watching his show I became more motivated and instantly incorporated some of his techniques into my everyday teaching. Students have responded in a positive manner and have changed the way they are going about remembering facts. I have seen an improvement in their ability to retain information on a daily basis. I would highly recommend this program.”  
—Jon S, Teacher, NY

“Outstanding presentation by Brad. Fast paced but well organized and a nice blend of science and entertainment. Faculty and students were raving about the presentation the next day. A solid 10 out of 10 on quality.“
-—Mr. K, Assistant Headmaster

“The students and staff genuinely enjoyed the opportunity to experience the Feats of Memory show. Brad was very engaging and students were amazed by the strategies to improve their memory skills.”
— Mr. A, Principal, NJ

About the Artist

Brad Zupp started performing professionally at age 12 and continued for 20 years, performing around the world at corporate events, schools, and shopping malls, on cruise ships, at theme parks, and with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

At 32 he settled down to a life of real estate and finance. At age 40, after several years as a financial planner, he realized that both adults and children lacked understanding of essential financial concepts. He decided to combine his love of making people laugh with his knowledge of personal finance and "FUNance" was created.

His goal is to entertain students while showing them the importance of math in everyday life and the essentials of personal finance. After nine years and hundreds of performances, he knows that thousands of students have a better understanding of money because of the time they’ve spent laughing and enjoying the FUNance assemblies.

"WOW! Loved the show. Teachers loved it. Kids loved it. Parents heard about it." 
PTA President, Branford, CT

"Mr. Zupp, besides being a genuine entertainer, had the kids engaged during the entire assembly. They all walked away with a newfound appreciation and comprehension of personal finance." 
PTA President, Syosset, NY

"Everyone loved this show. Multiple parents emailed me to tell me how much their kids had enjoyed and learned from the show. Our town is now full of Save-a-gators!"   
PTO Volunteer, Ellington, CT


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