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Carol Glynn

Carol Glynn has a host of performances available or can work with class room teachers and students to develop arts integrated residencies that will make learning memorable and real…in any subject! She is an expert in designing residencies to meet your needs.

About the Artist

Playwright, performer, teaching artist, author, Carol Glynn is dynamic, engaging, and energetic. Using her skills in theater, writing and kinesthetic learning, Carol has a host of performances available or can work with class room teachers and students to develop arts integrated residencies that will make learning memorable and real…in any subject! You name it, she does magnets to mythology, Stamp Tax to point of view, place value to digestion!  She is an expert in designing residencies to meet your needs.  Carol is also in demand around the country for professional development workshops on arts integration.


Fabulous Fifty and Five: Historical Legends and Folklore of US Regions  NEW!!!! (Fits 4th Grade new curriculum)

Tour the United States regions with Carol Glynn through story, song and audience participation.

Students join Carol to explore our regions historical characteristics, as she shares the hilarious wit of Brer Rabbit (South),  the legendary bravado and lasting philanthropy of Texas, mother, businesswoman, performer, and spy, Molly Bailey ( Southwest).  Students brave the treacherous covered wagon trip to become miners ( West)  , and build the Transcontinental Railroad (Midwest). Returning home to Connecticut, Carol celebrates our own state as students act out our famous defining legend, The Charter Oak  ( North East).  History is revealed through signature stories and songs of the five US Regions.

Bullies, Courage and Other Worries

Compelling stories, interactive strategies, tips, tools and renewed self esteem wrapped in common sense.  (Grade K-5 and families,  Grade 5-8 Version Available as well)

Celebrating the Constitution

Celebrate the “law of the land”.  Understand what the Constitution is, why it was created, the three branches of government, and what the Constitution means to us today.  Patriotic, energetic, respectful and fun. (Two versions grades K-4 and 4-6)

Connecticut Legends and Lore (Great for 3rd Grade Curriculum)

Students learn local and state history first hand by becoming the Charter Oak, visiting the Leather man, sinking a house in Gardner’s Lake, feeding oysters to George Washington’s horse and getting married at Bride’s Brook.  (Grades 3-6 and families)

Fractured and Funky Tales

Writers enhance their characters with written details.  Actors show details using their bodies, faces, and voices.  Carol Glynn’s unforgettable characters physically demonstrate the importance of details through these engaging stories and poems. (Grades K-5 and families)

Wacky Wisdom

Giant wisdom in small steps, from treasures and trash to manners and math.  (Grades K-5)


Single Performance: $600

Back to Back Performances: $1100


Let Carol work with your students and teachers for extended visits over a period of days.  She can tailor curriculum lessons tied to Common Core using kinethestic teaching methods applied to any subject.  Your students will be transformed into real learners, thinkers, and creators by Carol’s ability to reach all students.  As one fourth grader from Rogers Magnet School in Stamford CT wrote to Carol: “You made us believe in ourselves.”

Professional Development: “Learning On Their Feet, Kinesthetic Learning

This idea packed workshop will provide teachers with scores of practical curriculum connected dramatic and kinethestic exercises to help students excel in all subjects.  Teachers will leave with concrete techniques to help reach all students, even the more challenging active ones.  “This was the most valuable workshop I’ve been to in my twenty years of teaching! Carol Glynn should inservice all school systems.  What a find!”  Jeanne Rago, Resource Room k-6, Enfield CT.

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