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Karima Robinson Ph.D.


Karima Robinson, Ph.D., has a wealth of experience working with youth in the areas of theatre, playwriting and drama. Her workshop residencies include Poetry to Performance, Who is your Superhero and Playwriting. Join Karima as she takes her students on a road to self discovery through theater.


Farewell to America: A Phillis Wheatley Story  (Grades 3-12)                

Phillis Wheatley was the first published African American woman poet. At the age of 7, she was captured in West Africa and brought to Boston, MA in 1761. A well-educated slave, she became a poet and leading figure in the early abolitionist movement. On the eve of the American Revolution, Phillis sets sail for London in search of a publisher for her book of poems.

Performance Fee: $455.00


Dr. Robinson provides artistic and educational experiences. Her workshops actively engage participants, while promoting creative expression, cultural literacy, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Dr. Robinson creates emotionally safe environments for participants to express themselves, develop their artistic talents, as well as gain valuable life and academic skills.

Performing Black History is a series of black history theatre workshops for youth. These workshops give youth a better understanding of the contributions African Americans have made to American history. They also foster critical thinking, public speaking, role-playing, improvisation, acting, and research skills. While the content of the workshops is black history, theatre games and exercises keep the youth engaged in active learning. Youth develop cultural literacy and gain essential transferable skills. Workshops will cover a variety of topics and historical figures.

Performing Our History

This is a black history theatre workshop for youth (10-18 yrs.). Students gain a better understanding of the contributions African Americans have made to American history. These workshops foster critical thinking, public speaking, role-playing, improvisation, and research skills. Workshops cover a variety of topics and historical figures.

Who’s Your Superhero? Theatre Games and Positive Self-Image

This workshop uses theatre games and role-playing exercises to allow participants (5-14 yrs.) to tap into their inner-super hero. Writing exercises, small group discussion, and improvisation help youth examine negative internalized narratives that have become obstacles to a positive self-image. 

Juneteenth & Emancipation Day Celebrations

Students learn about slavery-era and emancipation-day celebrations. Theatre games demonstrate the power of preserving traditions.   Students create their own “emancipation brooms” reminiscent of those used for Jumping the Broom ceremonies.

Theatre of the Oppressed for Youth

Utilizing Theatre of the Oppressed techniques and Forum Theatre, youth (10-18 yrs.) improvise scenes based on a social issue that they face. Working through a series of exercises, youth workshop and perform scenes for their classmates. Students have found useful techniques to address bullying and peer pressure. 

Poetry to Performance

Students use poetry by known authors to create dramatic scenes. Youth collaborate in small groups to adapt poems into short performance pieces.

Workshop Fees:

$250.00 (1-2 hr. session)

$400 (3 hr. session)
5 Day Residency:  $2,000


About the Artist

Karima A. Robinson, PhD is a performer, playwright, director, and educator. She is currently developing a full length solo performance piece about the life of Phillis Wheatley entitled Farewell to America: A Phillis Wheatley Story. Dr. Robinson has directed staged readings of her plays Outraged!, and Ivory. Outraged! explores Ida B. Well’s crusade against lynching at the turn of the twentieth century. Ivory looks at the lives of three African American women attending an Ivy League college.

Dr. Robinson has led performance workshops in New York and Connecticut. She has directed student-devised plays and taught Theatre History, Africana Studies, Performance Studies, and Playwriting at SUNY Purchase, Vassar College, and Northwestern University. She earned her Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Theatre and Drama with a concentration in Africana performance traditions from Northwestern University.


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