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Meredith Arcari Luciano


Being an artist has given me the freedom to express myself through the work that I create. In today’s society there are so many things going on around us. Creating art gives me a chance to pause and reflect on the moments that have touched me and appreciate the beauty in the world.  It’s a way for me to share these moments with my viewers.


*Colorfield Mural*

Students will be introduced to abstract artist Frank Stella and create artwork in his style.  The students will understand the way in which geometric shapes, lines, and color can create a mood.  Students will use of color, geometric shapes, and line to create a colorfield painting using bands of varying colors. Artist, Meredith Arcari Luciano, will create an indoor mural based on students artwork.  Lesson will be altered depending on student’s prior knowledge, which will be discussed with teacher prior to executing the lesson.

Through Your Eyes: My Neighborhood

The program gives students the opportunity to express their points of view in their creations, to analyze the artistic elements and principles, to demonstrate the process of creating a mixed-media collage that expresses the unique aspects of their neighborhood which creates a sense of place, and conveys a mood.  The lesson will be adjusted based on grade level and students prior knowledge.

Frida Kahlo: My Symbolic Portrait

Students will be introduced to the history culture and techniques used by the artist Frida Kahlo through the children’s book, “Frida,”  by Jonah Winter. The students will understand the way in which colors and symbols can be used to express or symbolize personal feelings.  Students will create a symbolic portrait with the use of color and symbol(s) to express or symbolize feelings and create a mood.  Lesson will be altered depending on student’s prior knowledge, which will be discussed with teacher prior to executing lesson.

Kandinsky: Color and Musical Abstract Composition

Students will be introduced to the history, culture, and techniques used by the artist, Wassily Kandinsky through the children’s book, “The Noisy Paint Box,” by Barb Rosenstock. The students will understand the way in which colors and lines can be used to express the sound of music. Students will learn about lines, primary colors and the expressive qualities of line and color.  Students will create an Abstract Composition with the use of color, geometric shapes and lines to express the sound of music.  The program will differ across grade levels by the detail and expressive qualities of line and color.

About the Artist

An Artist, Teaching Artist and Master Gardener Meredith Arcari Luciano has taught and works with various non-profits including West Hartford Art League, Green Street Art Center Wesleyan University, Greater Hartford Arts Council and New Britain Museum of American Art. She is strongly involved in the community and on a local basis as an artist and Master Gardener who specializes in painting, drawing, and installations. Widely exhibited throughout New England and is involved with various auctions and commissions. Her work focuses on showing the complexity that our surroundings contain from the many architectural sites that we pass every day to nature's natural beauty that surrounds us. These sites contain a quiet beauty that she emphasizes in her work through the use of color, pattern, and line using oil paint, acrylic paint, and paper.

She has participated in the eight-hour Artists as Educators Seminar, Mapping the Journey: Planning Effective Residencies for Students developed by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She attended a two-day Restorative Arts Training led by Arts for Incarcerated Youth Network (AIYN) and is a registered qualified Artist for the Hartford Foundation arts investment.

Her experience teaching a variety of ages (prek-12) and learning styles have shaped her workshops to make sure every student can create their own work of art. Her lessons/workshops encourage students to build upon their own individuality, create a sense of place and commemorate their customs and traditions through the creation of their very own artwork, with the integration of various subjects including reading, writing, math, and social studies. Students will explore various visual artists around the world and their techniques including painting, drawing, and collage. Students will investigate color, pattern, and texture using a variety of materials including pencil, tempera paint, watercolor, and paper. Students will be encouraged to pursue their ideas and express their own individual style. Every programs main goal is for students not only to get the opportunity to learn about new artists and their techniques but to really create work that conveys their own personal style, life, and emotions. These art programs are geared to enrich student's lives and give them a way to express themselves.


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