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Reviews of the Summer Arts Integration Institute

Reviews of the Summer Arts Integration Institute

“My teaching artists this summer helped build my confidence and opened my eyes to ideas for integration. I can’t wait for this school year to begin and to do my best to bring fun and art back into my student’s lives!”

“I truly feel enlightened as I leave today…many positive ways to integrate the various arts into my primary curriculum. Refreshing view of arts, curriculum and assessments from Drs. Clark and French.”

“Institute exceeded my expectations. I not only feel that my teaching will change, but I feel that I have changed. I’m recognizing abilities I never knew I had. I have always been a creative person but so many new ideas have been unleashed in my mind and heart from this institute.”

“Absolutely fantastic workshops and meetings. Definitely going back to my principal and superintendent and giving them positive feedback.”

“The days flew by! We did not want it to end. Great energy and great talents=great arts in our schools. Thank you for enlightening me and giving me a new perspective to reaching young children and their families.”

“Freshened my perspective on my teaching”

Save the Date-Don’t miss next year’s Institute June 27-30th


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