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Additional Types of Programming

Summer Programming

On average, all children can lose approximately two months of learning from the previous school year during the summer months without engaging education activities, and for low-income students, the loss is even greater. More than half of the achievement gap between low-income students and their more affluent peers can be attributed to the unequal access to summer learning opportunities. 

Arts for Learning Connecticut works with schools and other youth-serving organizations to develop programs that address summer learning loss.

We also provide a variety of different types of arts programming for children and families to enjoy throughout the summer by partnering with camps, arts festivals  libraries and town parks & rec departments. 

Family and Community Programming

Arts for Learning Connecticut is committed to engaging people of all ages in the arts. Throughout the year, we provide performances and workshops to school family nights, libraries, community centers, parks and recreation facilities and arts festivals. The arts are a wonderful way to foster social cohesion, promote family bonding, and brighten lives!

Let our staff help you design an event or series for your community that can:

Improve the supply of quality out of school learning opportunities for children and families
Increase the participation in out of school learning opportunities
Use this participation to help children interact with their family and other community members
Promote family centered lifelong learning activities in the home and community.
Popular family and community programs include Family Literacy Evenings, Cultural Music and Dance performances and mural making.

Professional Development for Educators

Why integrate the arts?

How do we transform teaching practice to ensure all children are given the best circumstances for learning? Arts for Learning Connecticut works in partnership with schools to address this question through Professional Development in arts integration.

Arts for Learning Connecticut offers professional development workshops in arts integration are designed to increase teachers’ comfort level in teaching both in and through the arts, while tapping into their own creative impulses. By focusing on important areas that support a teacher’s effectiveness in the classroom, our PD programs provide the basis for reaching all learners and improving student achievement in the arts and other academic subjects.

We offer two types of PD: workshops just for educators and/or PD embedded into an artist residency where teachers work along side the artists in the classroom. PD programs can be tailored to your school’s needs and budget. 

To inquire about Professional Development opportunities, Contact Alex .

Corporate Creativity

According to research conducted by the World Economic Forum, it is clear that creativity at work is going to be one of the most important and in-demand skills in the coming years. Not only that but the other top skills like Critical Thinking and Complex Problem Solving are also intricately linked to creativity and innovation, as they are all about helping companies navigate unexpected future challenges, whatever they may be.

Fortunately, like most other skills, creativity is something that can be improved over time. Engaging in the arts helps employees exercise their creative thinking skills.

Bring an Arts for Learning Connecticut artist to your workplace! 

Popular activities that foster creative thinking and team-building include mural making, theater/improv, ipad drawing/design and “The Game” – a 3D design and construction activity.

To learn more, Contact Alex .


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