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Tradition and Innovation w/ Tsidii Le Loka & Tony Vega | Greenwich

Friday, March 15, 2019
11:00 am12:00 pm

A voice rings out in the darkness… powerful enough to shake the leaves in a mountain forest, or to stop traffic in the big city. It’s distinct, familiar and universal, and it seems to say “we are all connected.” Surrounding this mesmerizing voice are the deep, warm notes of a giant marimba and the driving rhythms of drums. This is a meeting of worlds once worlds apart in a now effortless blend of Black and White, male and female, voice and drums, tradition and innovation… a love song connecting South Africa and America with threads uniting past, present and future. This is musical global citizenship at its best.

In school performances their repertoire effortlessly blends ancient and modern in a style that is simply all their own. While Tsidii’s voice completely transforms any hall and embraces all who are in it, And world class percussion simultaneously cradles her songs and catapults them to new heights.

In addition to her in-school concerts she offers several hands-on workshops. Each of these are designed to give students insight into how this extraordinary performer found her calling and found her way.


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