AFLCT is growing! Welcome our new staff members!


AFLCT is excited to welcome Jed Kornbluh as our new Director of Business Development. With a robust background in sales, marketing, and brand development, Jed’s expertise in the sports product and event production sectors, including work with cycling apparel brands like Verge Sport and Ostroy, will be instrumental in expanding AFLCT’s reach throughout Connecticut. His prior role as Executive Director of the CT Cycling Advancement Program in Middletown, where he promoted cycling in schools and organized competitive events, underscores his commitment to community development.

Despite a career primarily outside the arts, Jed’s personal connection to the arts runs deep. Raised in a home where the arts were highly valued, particularly influenced by his mother, a professional pianist and educator, Jed was actively involved in music and performing arts during his youth. He almost pursued music at the collegiate level but chose to study liberal arts at Temple University, where he honed his writing skills. At AFLCT, Jed is poised to drive growth, develop innovative marketing strategies, and expand the reach of educational programs to more students in Connecticut.

Josephine Kuever joined our team in 2023 as the Director of Operations, and we remain as thrilled to have her now as on her first day.

A former classical singer who transitioned into arts administration, Josephine excels in organization and problem-solving. She hails from a family of educators deeply committed to the arts and project-based learning, a background that seamlessly aligned with her 13-year tenure at the Young Audiences/Arts for Learning network. Josephine’s life buzzes with diverse interests ranging from travel to sewing, genealogy, and treasured moments spent with her family.

Growing up just north of San Francisco, California, Josephine later ventured to Boston for college and spent 16 impactful years in Oregon. Recently, she relocated to Connecticut, a state she had come to know well through frequent visits to her best friend, who has lived there for over 20 years.

Josephine’s passion for the arts is palpable. She loves how the arts can provoke a broad spectrum of emotions and open doors to varying perspectives, underscoring her deep connection and appreciation for the transformative power of art.

Welcome, Josephine and Jed!