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Why Arts for Learning Connecticut?

Since 1979, Arts for Learning Connecticut has envisioned a statewide community where the arts are valued for their capacity to transform lives, and where every student is immersed in opportunities to imagine, create, and realize their full potential through the arts. Working together with artists, educators, and community leaders, we believe that we can transform teaching and learning in our state—and help build a brighter, more beautiful Connecticut. 

Latest News

  • Presenting: HOT Schools Developmental Evaluation, January 2023

    Presenting: HOT Schools Developmental Evaluation, January 2023

    AFLCT contracted PERG Learning through Senior Research Partner Gene Diaz in Spring 2021 to lead a developmental evaluation of HOT Schools. This evaluation included the development, implementation, and review of numerous research tools and protocols—including surveys, observations, and interviews with key stakeholders. Ultimately, this project was meant both to investigate the impact of the program

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  • A peek inside HOT Schools: Rob Santos’ Arts Workshop at Harding High School in Bridgeport

    A peek inside HOT Schools: Rob Santos’ Arts Workshop at Harding High School in Bridgeport

    Teaching Artist Rob Santos designed a HOT Schools Arts Workshop to address a Harding High School classroom teacher’s wish to “engage students in crafting a story to help them express their thoughts on the novel We Were Liars by E. Lockhart.” The Arts Workshop entitled Voicing our Feelings in our Family and the Secrets we Keep created a safe environment in

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  • Introducing our new HOT Schools video!

    Introducing our new HOT Schools video!

    Check out arts integration in action at Church Street School in Hamden, CT—brought to life by the students, teachers, administrators, and Teaching Artists who make it happen. Special thank you to AFLCT Teaching Artist Craig Norton for his work on this video!

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From historical character acting to improvised community plays, international storytelling to hip hop poetry, traditional Ghanaiin dance to Flamenco, roots rock, jazz, Japanese taiko, and so much more—our artists can do anything. 


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