From Left: Mentor Shanna Melton, Katiana Jarbath Smith, Bennie Pharr IV, Anika D. Stewart, Mentor Rob Santos, & Mentor Aisha Nailah. Photo by Lucy Gellman, New Haven Arts Council.

Applications for 2023-2024 have closed. Check back in August/September 2024 for next year’s application.

Program Description

Emerge is Arts for Learning Connecticut’s training and mentorship program for emerging Teaching Artists. This program advances arts in education by promoting collaboration between classroom teachers and Teaching Artists and ensuring successful learning outcomes for students. We accomplish this by providing meaningful learning experiences through formal workshops, mentorship from a veteran Teaching Artist, opportunities to write and teach original lesson plans, and actionable feedback from teachers and experienced Teaching Artists. The program focuses on 3 competencies: Lesson Planning, Classroom Management, and Arts Learning Pedagogy, which are anchored in the National Core Arts Standards, Universal Design for Learning, Social Emotional Learning, and Culturally Responsive Teaching.

Who are the Emerging Teaching Artists (ETAs)?

ETAs are established artists with an interest in using their art form to support youth development and K-12 education—i.e. an interest in becoming a Teaching Artist! Strong candidates for this program will have:

We define an “established artist” as someone with significant practice in their art form, either professionally or personally, who can demonstrate a unique command of the creative and cultural aspects of their work. We define “art form” broadly, and are interested in folks from all creative disciplines.

Benefits of Emerge

The benefits of participating in this initiative include:

Hours & Commitment

We expect that ETAs will dedicate 8-12 hours per month to participate fully. The program includes 34 synchronous hours (which are compensated), and will likely require an additional 3-5 hours per month (uncompensated) asynchronous work. 

To receive the full benefits of the Initiative and in order to be paid in full, ETAs will be expected to complete the following over the course of 6 months.

Compensation & Completion

There is no cost to apply. A stipend of $1,190 will be provided to those who are accepted and complete Emerge. If ETAs are unable to complete the necessary requirements or meet deadlines on time, they will be asked to resign from Emerge. After applicants graduate, they will be given the opportunity to apply to be on the AFLCT Roster. Acceptance is not automatic, but depends on the level of preparedness each ETA exhibits. Regardless of acceptance, graduated ETAs will be exposed to new arts communities and experiences.

For questions, please email Education Manager Alex Novak Foster at [email protected] .

2022-2023 Emerge Cohort Graduates

Maeve Cunningham, Bennie Pharr IV, Anika D. Stewart, Katiana Jarbath Smith, & Nomblé Tanner

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