Mission, Vision & Values

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At Arts for Learning Connecticut, our mission is to inspire young people and expand their learning through the arts.


We envision a future in which all young people in Connecticut engage in quality arts learning in their schools and communities that nurtures creativity, promotes cultural awareness, and cultivates critical thinking and learning skills. We envision a future in which Arts for Learning CT and our artists, partners, and supporters work in strategic partnerships to reach shared goals for young people and our state.


At Arts for Learning Connecticut, we value:

A doodle of an artist's palette with brush

The inherent power of creativity and authentic self-expression

A doodle of an owl reading a book

The evolving tradition of teaching and learning

A doodle of a human brain connoting bright ideas

The strength of respectful partnership and creative collaboration 

A doodle of a rocket taking off

The capacity for all young people to learn and grow

A doodle of a globe on a tilted pedestal

The imperative for diversity, equity, and inclusion across race, gender, ethnicity, ability, and sexuality 

A doodle of an artist's mug holding art supplies: pencil, ruler, and brush

The essential need for the arts, humanities, and the broad expression of culture

A doodle of a brain within a lightbulb

Wonder, imagination, and the magic of childhood

A doodle of an olympic torch

Integrity, respect, and professionalism

A doodle of a trophy

Leadership and accountability