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Need Help Paying for Programs?

Each year, Arts for Learning Connecticut, with the support of public, private, and individual funders, is able to underwrite approximately $200,000 to subsidize programs through our Access for All initiatives, allowing us to reach 50,000 children and families who otherwise might not have been able to experience high-quality arts programs. Funding may be available—we can help!

Government Grants

While Arts for Learning Connecticut is not eligible to apply for large-scale Dept.of Education grants ourselves, we are happy to collaborate with schools as a community arts partner in education where our services are written into the grant. We have done this successfully in New Britain and Groton, and are currently working with an educational system in New Haven.

Apart from Dept. of Ed grants, Arts for Learning Connecticut does receive grant funding from the CT Office of the Arts as well as city/town grants that support access and equity in the arts.

Information for Title I Schools

We believe the arts can help Title I schools achieve their goals through embedded professional development for teachers in arts integration. Arts for Learning Connecticut has implemented several arts-integrated programs in Title I schools across Connecticut to improve student achievement in reading and math. 

Other information: This site provides resources for school leaders who wish to embrace arts programming among their strategies for achieving Title I goals.

Title I Officers: Under NCLB, Title I, Part A funds can be used by local education agencies to improve the educational achievement of disadvantaged students through the arts.

Title II Officers: Portions of Title II funds can support partnerships that include nonprofit, cultural-arts organizations.

Other Resources

Arts for Learning CT partners with several generous individuals and foundations to make our programs accessible. While many of our donors have specific sites that they wish to sponsor, if you are in need of funding to bring one of our programs to your area, please contact us. We may be able to help. Below is a list of additional places to look for funding for your arts-in-education programs:

Arts in Education Model Development and Dissemination: The U.S. Department Of Education awards grants for innovative, cohesive models that have demonstrated their effectiveness in integrating arts into the elementary and middle school curriculum; strengthening arts instruction in these grades; and improving academic performance, including skills in creating, performing, and responding to the arts.

Crayola Grant Program: This program provides grants for innovative, creative leadership team building within elementary schools.

The Foundation Center: Lists information on funding organizations and allows users to search for grants and funding and provides guidance for grant seekers.

National Education Association Foundation: Provides professional development arts grants for teachers and support personnel to improve student learning.

Professional Development for Arts Educators: These U.S. Department of Education grants support professional development programs for dance, music, theatre, and visual arts educators and other instructional staff of K-12 students in high-poverty schools. The purpose of this program is to: strengthen standards-based arts-in-education programs; ensure all students meet state academic content and achievement standards in the arts; and integrate arts instruction with other core academic-area content. 

Target Corporation: Target funds in-school arts programs that enhance students’ classroom curricula by bringing the arts and cultural experiences to schools, such as in-school performances, artist-in-residence programs, and workshops in schools.

Your PTA: Many PTAs are willing to raise money or already have money allocated to support arts enrichment activities.

Local Foundations: Many local grant makers (i.e., Community Foundations, Education Funds, Rotary Club) make grants to organizations that serve children and families through the arts.

Businesses: Corporations such as Target, Bank of America, Starbucks and Walmart offer grants to schools. Visit their community relations page on their website or stop by a local branch/store to ask how to apply for a grant.


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