Celebrating Hispanic Heritage month


Every year between September 15th and October 15th we celebrate our Hispanic themed programming as well as our Hispanic identifying Teaching Artists. It is important to highlight Hispanic History and Contributions now and all year long!

To get inspired, check out the following creative, cultural, curricular-aligned programming:

Afro-Brazilian Ensemble: Afro-Brazilian Ensemble was started by Contra Mestre Fabiano Lucas in 2005. He has been doing capoeira for over 25 years and he has been teaching in CT since 2003. Fabiano was born in Braganca Paulista, a small town in Sao Paulo, on April 30th,1980. He always had a passion for sports and tried a lot of different ones (always by charity of others) like Judo, soccer, basketball and break dance. It was during his time of break dancing that he incidentally discovered his love for capoeira.

Carmen Nieves: Carmen is a Social Connector, Teaching Artist, Speaker, Facilitator, and Consultant. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Bridgeport. She is a graduate of the CT School of Broadcasting, and possesses deep-rooted experience in community development. Prior to becoming a teaching artist, she worked with the Parent Leadership Training Inst, Literacy How, ARTE, and countless other groups to bring people together to facilitate family learning activities with a purpose.

Tere Luna: Tere Luna brings the rich and colorful music and dance culture of Mexico to life! A native of Mexico, Tere studied under Marlén Santillán and Amalia Viviana Hernández. With over 15 years as a professional dancer and singer, and almost 8 years of experience as a teaching artist, Tere brings students and audiences the best of Mexican folkloric song and dance. Her colorful dresses and dances and beautiful songs and narratives make learning about this culture a fun and unforgettable experience.

Surcari: Surcari (a combination of two words: Suramérica & Caribbean) is an award-winning performance group originally from Chile, Venezuela, and Puerto Rico under the musical direction of award-winning guitarist Lorena Garay. Their versatile members have performed in the USA, South America and Europe. Surcari won 3rd place for Best South & Central American Album at the 2009 JPF Independent Music Awards. They also received the Arts For Learning Connecticut’s 2018 Performing Artist of the Year Award.

… and so much more, which you can find here: https://directory.aflct.org/programs

As the school year kicks into high gear, don’t hesitate to contact our team to discuss your creative and cultural needs for the year ahead. And check out our complete artist listings to learn more!